Who justifies the prices for iPhone and Co.?

The success story of apple is hardly connected to very special politics of thier prices. But who justifies the prices for iPhone and Co.? Apple creates fantastic products. The quality is unbelievable and the products were the top of the market for a very long time. But how did Apple achieves this goal? For sure the quality is only one aspect of their success. The gap between the competitors could be closed very quickly. The unique selling position was created by an extraordinary advertisment. 

apple iphone price

Beginning with a presentation, driven by Steve Jobs himself, just wearing his black pullover and bringing his product in the middle of all. I can remember the rumors right before every product launch. This has increased with the upcoming influence of social media in our lifes. And by the way, this social media boom was also supported by Apple.

But what does Apple made different to Samsung, Huwei and all the other electronic devices producing companies? Why did not Samsung have this success? Although they have the better products probably. It is the ability to create a need, to make their clients addicted by their products. Apple has achieved this goal. Starting with the iPhone in the beginning and continue with a lot of more devices like the iPhone Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air.

Another key factor is the high connectivity between the apple products. Be part of the familiy or die could be the slogan within the Apple walls. Even the cloud service follows this principle. 

At the end, the customer, the addicted people, we are justifing the prices of Apple products. It is not possible to complain about the ammounts, apple is pulling out of our wallets. We pay more than 1.000EUR for a device which is produced for a few Euros. Even the questionable working conditions of the workers, who built our iPhones are not interesting, when we think of an Apple product.

The question is how will we proceed and how will apple proceed in the future. Will the company disappear from the market, like Nokia it did? Will they re-invent them newly? The last launches of products were not as successful as in the beginning. There is no Steve Jobs anymore. The new managers do not have the aura as the inventer of creating needs had. Probably we do not need another iPad anymore. Although the Apple Smart Watch could not create the need as expected. Let´s see what will happen with Apple. But one thing is for sure: The prices will stay high as they are.

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