Car Manufacturers Discover Virtual Reality

Driving car is a great experience, especially for the driver. However for the passengers the fun factor is a way lesser. Particularly if it comes to longer distances, it is a boring period of time for the passengers. Now this issue is in the past. In corporation with Holoride, Audi has developed an absolutely new kind of entertainment for the car.

VR Technology

Virtuality meets Reality
Beginning of February 2018, the new technology was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas. The passengers on the back seats of Audi are able to experience a novel kind of virtual reality. Using VR-glasses the passengers are dipping into an exciting world of games and movies, but that is not all. The virtual reality is connected to the car. Every movement of the car, every acceleration or change of driving direction is affecting the view in the virtual game or in the movie of the passenger. The happening in the game is becoming more flexible, depending on the route the car is driving and depending on the driving style of the driver. If the car has stopped, the action in the game is stopped as well. In case of turning left, the spaceship is turning left as well in the game. Furthermore, the system is able to evaluate the data of the navigation system and to adjust the game according to the boundary conditions of the planed route. The length of the game can be adapted based on the time to drive for example.

New age of technology has started now
Currently the new technology is at the very beginning. The virtual reality headset is connected to a computer in the car trunk at the moment. In the future a new technology of VR-glasses is intended to use. With the Oculus Quest technology of VR-glasses an additional computer would not be necessary anymore.
In order to accelerate the development of the new virtual reality technology in the cars, the Holoride platform will be available for any car manufacturers in the future. This situation will give great opportunities for many creative minds to live out their fantasies. In this way a rapidly development of new ideas will be enabled. A huge amount of new impressive virtual worlds will be created and driving cars for long distances will be a great experience for the passengers on the back seats.

No travel sickness anymore
The new virtual reality in the cars is not only about entertainment and having fun. There is a health aspect as well. Many people do not feel well when they are transported by a car or another kind of transportation. Especially if they try to reed a book or to watch a movie, a motion sickness is overcoming those people. With the new Holoride technology, the movements of the vehicle are connected with the visuality of the virtual world. This illusion causes a natural feeling of movement, which is realistically connected to the visual happening. This is an interesting way to prevent the uncomfortable effects of travel sickness.

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