Losing weight through the right combination of jogging and a healthy nutrition

Everybody knows them. These good intentions to start living healthier at the beginning of a new year. Many people set themselves the goal of losing some weight. However in the majority of cases these good intentions dont last for very long. At least there are some people that manage to lose weight, but most of the time in an unhealthy way. So how exactly do you lose weight in a good way? This article deals with the topic of losing weight through the right combination of jogging and a healthy nutrition.

jogging and health

First of all, losing weight isnt aubout starvation at all. It is about a good combination of a healthy nutrition and sports. It is about you, being comfortable in your own body as well as feeling also mentally healthy.
A good way of losing some weight is through jogging. Jogging doesnt only train one group of muscels, but almost all parts of your body. Especially endurance sports like jogging can reduce ( in combination with an adapted nutrition) your weight very effectly, since your organism also accesses your fat depot as a source of energy. In other sports like strength training, your body uses almost exclusive your glykogen depots, because those contain quik energy for short but intense efforts such as weight lifting.
Especially jogging often brings fast sucesses, provided that you train regulary. Only after a few unities you will notice, it is much easier for you to run a bit faster and a bit longer. The more you train, the more your body is going to adapt to your new lifestyle through shaking off some weight, given that it is a lot more energy-efficient for your body to keep a lower weight while performing endurance sports.

Though training is only half the part of how to lose weight in a healthy and longlasting way. Nutrition is the other part. Of course only jogging wont have a big effect on your weight, by the time you eat fast food, sweets et. all day. Since everybody is familiar with the fact that an over-consumption of fast food has a negative effect on your body´s health, this subject area is being skipped. 
So what is healthy nutrition? The first assumption is that for everyone a healthy nutrition is different. It depends on your body weight, your daily efforts and your extent of training, subdivided into different kinds of sports. Especially in endurance sports, you need to listen to your body, also if you want to lose weight. Of course it is of important to reduce the daily quantity of fast food etc. On the other hand you need to ensure, to feed your body enough energy. Especially long-chained carbs. Big deficites of energy may cause serious harms to your body.

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