Tips for a happy dog live

Dogs are our friends. So what we can do, to give our friends a better and happy and healthy live?

Socialize your Dog

Social contacts are important for dogs as well as for humans. So put them together with other dogs or even cats. Play and have fun with the other one is one part of a happy dogs live.

Keep him busy

When you’re not around, so keep your dog busy with some to do. Some food puzzle toys or anything like that could help to minimize the time till you arive at home at afternoon.

happy dog tips

The best Food

Food is one of the best things on earth, so it is for dogs. Cheap food is trash and you have the responsibility to buy some good, healthy and worth food for your dog to eat. It’s an animal, but it’s an animal, allright?

Give some love

Your dog have to know how good he or she is and you have to show it to the dog with some delicious food or petting. Dogs accept you as the leader and you have to love him and take care of his self-assurance.

Go to the doctor

When your dog is in a situation unfamiliar to you so go to the vet and let check your dogs health. The dog will not talk to you in human language. Look for other signals and take them seriously. Are you unsure about some of those signals, take the dog to the vet and let’s check it out.

Clean the fur

Dogs fur can’t geht clean by the dog itself. So we have to clean it up and kill all parasites like flys and ticks. Then the skin and the fur of your dog will be clean an fine and the dog will thank you with pure love.

Go outside

Movement is the dogs passion. Dogs are hunting animals and need to go outside, run, play, hunt. That’s the nature of a dog, so give him the chance to do so.

It’s not a human

Dogs are our friends, but they are no human beings, so don’t judge them like humans. Animals act like animals and so a dog will act like an animal. That’s okay and do not expect a human behavoir. It’s maybe simple, but not all owner are aware about this point of human-dog-relationship.

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